Aug 13, 2018

Method 2. Selectively Delete Safari Browsing History from iPad within Safari App. Sometimes you just want to clear surfing history on iPad/iPhone during specific time. You can complete this within Safari app. You can delete Google history within Chrome app as well. 1. Open Safari>Tap bookmark icon on the upper left panel (iPad), bottom right on How to view and clear your browsing history in Safari on Jul 19, 2016 How to Clear Cache on iPhone & iPad Safari Mar 17, 2020 Clear Browser History On iPhone & iPad: The Fix For Safari Jun 05, 2017

Check Existing Safari History: Current history refers to history that hasn’t been deleted manually before. Use Erase Private Data mode to check it. Once in this mode, click the Scan button to view all private files on your iPad including Safari history, Cookies and Cache.; Check Previously Deleted History: The history you deleted before is still left in device drive.

4 Ways to Delete Browsing History from iPad The next step consists of scrolling down and clicking on "Safari" in order for its menu to appear on the right side of your screen. On this menu, scroll down and then to click on "clear history and website data", which you will find at the very bottom. Step 3. When prompted, …

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Jan 21, 2020 How to Clear Safari Browsing History on Apple iPhone or iPad Jun 21, 2017