Your computer needs free space on its main drive (where the OS is stored) to work well. If your C: drive is nearly full, your system will slow down as it struggles to shuffle data in cramped confines.

This is why your computer is slow – here's how to fix it Mar 14, 2017 Why is My Computer So Slow? | 2020 Is a Virus Slowing Down Your Machine? If your computer is getting sloth-like in its performance, it might not be a hardware issue at all. It could well be that your machine has a virus (or several Why Is My Internet So Slow? - How-To Geek

Apr 30, 2018

Jul 24, 2020 When your fast PC suddenly slows down | PCWorld Mar 26, 2015

Inevitably your computer slows down. You try to open a website and it grinds to a halt, or read an email and it churns along sluggishly. A slow computer, in many ways, is worse than a broken one

May 16, 2016 · I hope you now know how to overcome the Kaspersky slow down the issue. Along with the actions, I gave above, you can try using the computer by disabling the additional features like Parental Guard, Safe Run for websites, etc. Feel free to check our Kaspersky coupons if you are planning to buy it. Nov 09, 2009 · A41202813 asked the Answer Line forum why his once quick PC is slowing down. A number of issues can slow down a once fast PC. Here are some of the most common.