How To Bypass ISP Blocking Of The Pirate Bay And Other

Sep 08, 2017 · Most of the countries block access to torrent websites mainly because of piracy and majority of us uses VPN services to access blocked torrent websites. I think you may know sometimes using VPN also couldn’t unblock torrent because of the implementation of strong firewalls in your college or office Wi-Fi. One way to this is by using a VPN. If you own a remote server somewhere you could use openvpn. General users can try one of the several VPN extensions available for chrome / chromium. Method #1: Use proxy to access blocked Torrent sites. If you are an internet user, then you most probably know what a proxy is. The proxy which is also called a “proxy server” is a gateway between the local network and the internet. If a torrent site is blocked in your location, you can use a VPN to change network servers. This will unblock any torrent sites.

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Destination filtering: try to restrict access to all torrent websites, but you'd have to maintain a large blacklist. Control the applications installed on the computers on your network. Don't allow installing P2P applications ; Use some third-parties applications, like pfSense which is an open source firewall helps to block torrent traffic. How to Access the Pirate Bay and Other Blocked Torrent Sites Jan 09, 2017

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How to Unblock Torrent Sites & Download Torrents However, as you probably already know, there isn’t a single block a government can put up that internet denizens can’t pull down or circumvent. How To Bypass ISP Blocking Of The Pirate Bay And Other Jun 19, 2018 How to use blocked proxies and torrent sites Jul 31, 2013 6 Ways to Bypass Torrent Blocking - Ivacy VPN Blog