Sep 26, 2019 · Set your country to ‘United States.’ You should also have a 1-click United States-based address on your Amazon account. This way you might be able to bypass the Fire TV location restrictions without using VPNs bandwidth. Second Step – Find the Router IP. Before you change Smart DNS, it’s important to find the IP address of your router.

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folafola: all you need do is to get a VPN like pd proxy os your get a fast ip from but pd proxy is now having some issues with nigerians because of scam, we are talking with them. you can use a fast ip you get from proxy sites as well. SANDWICH VPN software is far better than PD Proxy VPN if you will agree with me.

How to Change Netflix Country 2020 - Using a USA Proxy Site So to change Netflix country to the US I’d say your better off with another product. It’s not on the same level security wise but it allows access to all major TV stations online including switching Netflix to the US version. You can even try out their free trial for 14 days to see how it works. Free Trial Smart DNS Proxy … How to Change Proxy Settings on Google Chrome - YouTube

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A window will be open in order to be able to change the proxy settings. Search for Manual proxy setup, turn the option Use a proxy ON and enter the proxy server details: Address – proxy IP or hostname, Port – proxy communication channel. Click Save. 5 Chrome Extensions To Bypass Country Restrictions Mar 15, 2014 How To Change IP Address in Windows 10: A Visual Guide W hen working in a larger environment, we are often asked to change our IP address. To change IP address in Windows 10, we have come up with a visual guide with really simple and easy steps