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We find that cyberbullying comes in a whole range of different shapes and sizes and is something that is totally subjective to the recipient. We define cyberbullying as the following: “Cyberbullying is the use of digital technologies with an intent to offend, humiliate, threaten, harass or abuse somebody.” Cyber bullying - Students & Families - Tomball Independent Some of the most common cyberbullying tactics include: Posting comments or rumors about someone online that are mean, hurtful, or embarrassing. Threatening to hurt someone or telling them to kill themselves. Posting a mean or hurtful picture or video. Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying | ConnectSafely May 07, 2018

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Facts & Statistics on Cyberbullying in the United States Cyberbullying Tactics. The US government website stresses that it is important for us to understand how children and teens are cyberbullied. That way, it is easier to recognize and action can be taken quickly. Some of the favorite cyberbullying tactics include:

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Furthermore, cyber bullying can be relentless, increasing the likelihood of anxiety and depression. Some forms of cyber bullying are forms of harassment that cross the line into criminal activity, and some tactics occur in dating relationships and can turn into interpersonal violence. Cyberbullying and Academic Impact | Education News