Jun 12, 2013

In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked top-secret National May 11, 2020 Edward Snowden – Hero or Traitor? | The Perspective Edward Snowden is a Traitor . The way he leaked the information was dubious. If Snowden had been a patriotic whistle blower, he would have first found legal avenues for his pursuit in reigning in the NSA. For instance, he could have appealed to members of Congress, who are … 'They wanted me gone': Edward Snowden tells of

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Edward Snowden, the man who exposed the breadth of spying at the US's National Security Agency, has warned that an uptick in surveillance amid the coronavirus crisis could lead to long-lasting Edward Snowden: The complicated man behind an epic heist Sep 17, 2019

Edward Snowden Compares Privacy to Freedom of Speech

May 13, 2014 Edward Snowden on How Getting Sued Resulted in a Best Sep 19, 2019